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Successful Ending of 2017 Zenker Dingshan International Child Growth Summer Camp

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  “the Colorful Summer,the Dream Tour“--2017 Zenker Dingshan International Children Growth Summer Camp is the growth camp especially designed for children between 6 to 14 years old. This camp is located in Dingshan lake on the border area between Qijiang district in Chongqing and Xishui county in Guizhou province , about 900 meters above the sea level,which is a ideal place for summer leisure and returning nature , having comfortable climate in summer, Dense trees ,beautiful views.

   Once the activity was released , many parents Sign up enthusiastically and welcome this event.There are a total of six periods of activities with full attendance each period. This summer camp has been participated in by more than 280 children,40 each period. As lots of children know this information too late to sign up,they have to missed the camp and wait for the next one in the following year.

   19 activities like tree climbing, slipping rope, Scarborough fair, live CS, fish catching, rowing, Jing Lake action, jungle cross- country and so on,straightly hooked children . Meanwhile, the children harvest friendship , broaden the horizons, growing the knowledge from the teaching through lively activities.

   Embrace the nature and history

   Zenker Dingshan Lake base is a landscape integrating the natural beauty of mountains and lakes, and distant history. When the lake wind flicks,we can feel comfort all over the body. If you have a deep breath ,you can smell a unspeakably good taste,which is a taste of sunshine,a taste of lake breeze and a taste of forest.From the first ray of sunshine in the morning to a touch of the sunset glow in the evening, and then into these stars at nights, the nature donor selflessly her unique scenery to us.

   Dingshan lake is spreaded over by historic sites such as Qikong tomb of Han dynasty,Bo Skull Bridge,Nobleman List,Nine Temple etc.,which quietly rest on the hillside, roadside, between the houses and lands, and quietly tell their own distant story to the people, or hidden painful and lonely, or blood and tears, or toast, or passing an imperial examination. However, "An old fisherman on the river is used to see scenery", all of them are accustomed. It has been lost in the past prosperity.if no talks from the locals,it is very difficult for you to know these from their plain - where is actually, 600 years ago, the capital for the Bo people to found a nation and make reproduction.Whenever told the story about every blade of grass ,every tree , every brick and tile here, the children all would say "wow, wow" in a amazing voice, as if standing at the tunnel entrance of the history.

   Children's innocence and Zenker’s idealistic

   It is the idealistic of Zenker that every child grows happily here. As the principal of the summer camp in the diary said:present the most exciting things to the children, pass the values of zenker to the children, to guide children to embrace nature and dream, and restore the glory of ancestors. We are always disturbed by the heart, that regards every child as our own child,  guide them to have the virtue of respect and tolerance, diligence and humility, courage and kindness, have romantic feelings since childhood.

   Under the influence of the material standard improvement and the money-oriented social atmosphere, the grades became the measure of the majority of the cute children. Many children are buried in the pile of books all day long , are busy running among the various tutorial classes, and stucked in concrete jungle, so the innocence is replaced by an ill-timed maturity. We  expect to help the children to regain their simplicity with zenker’s idealistic.

   As a result, except the tree-climbing, clipping rope, live CS ,rowing and other funny activities,we have especially opened a number of new projects such as organizing children to catch fish in the field,holding the Scarbrogh english fair,  watching the micro-film "Star Diary", organizing the old bamboo craftsman to teach children handicrafts, holding Ding Shan Lake environmental  protection activities, interpreting of the "Three Character Primer" classic story, performing music-theme poetry ... ... through a series of activities we release the child's nature and convey the correct values to the children.


   “At the edge of the sky and the corner of the land,The friends in hearts have gone their separate ways.If only we had a bottle of distilled wine to celebrate the rare reunion;Then it wouldn't be so cold tonight.Outside the long corridor, along the ancient road, the green grass seemed to connect with the sky.

   To ask my friend, "When will you be back after we part ways this time?"Please don't hesitate to drop by when you are here again.”During the song of “Bidding Farewell” written by Li Shutong,we wave our hands saying goodbye to the children, goodbye to a blade of grass, to a tree, to flower and a scenery, and goodbye to the happiness and experience of the ten days.if what we can leave, that is the footprint of the Innocence and growth. Maybe, after several years,you will suddenly memorize that in the summer of 2017 ,we touched the jumping sunshine with our hands together, gazed at the blue sky and sunset glow,exploded the vast starry sky,search for the squirrel in the forest and the white crane in the field,and played the funny

   Games like live CS,tree climbing,rope slipping,catching fish,forest cross country etc.,and also learned the “Enlightenment Sound”. Calligraphy,ancient poetry. And we interpreted “Three Characters Classic” story wearing Han Dynasty costume to feel the distant Chinese culture. And all this will be condensed into a rich memory , buried in the diary, shelved in the soft heart, which will waiting for you memorizing over and over again.

   Farewell, Dingshan Lake summer sunshine! Farewell, known bosom friends here! At the same time, pray for child and the poet,who run with the dream, not to forget the initial mind, restrain your actions and feel goodliness.

   The summer camp also won the praise of parents. Many parents have given a high degree of evaluation. Here are some of comments from parents:

   Thank you for organizing this meaningful, thoughtful, playful and sentimental summer camp. This is a rare attempt for prospect education to young children and challenge for today's Chinese education model, for urban diseases, modern diseases.

   As the organizers are very attentive,these from the program design to activities arrangements are orderly organized.From the conception of education to the implementation of teaching are highly required and unconventional . This activity with open form, rich content, clear subject, a wide range involved, both heritage and innovation, both vivid and rigorous, is an excellent exploration and tempt for the current Chinese education.

   Accompanied by children to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, experience a variety of ups and downs, the young heart can immediately been planted the most beautiful dream tree in the summer camp collective life, which is each parent's greatest wish ,and also the greatest wealth of the children in the future life, and moreover the great significance of Zenkers!

   Parents' praise is the biggest reward for Zenker . And we will carry the dream to do such activity again with the children together.



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