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  51zeng.com was established in 2011 and divided into three parts including Zenker Charity, Camp Activity and Mutual Aid Community.

  51zeng.com first initiates the name of Zenker to promote Zenker culture and the spirits of “being goodness, reducing distress, being helpful ”,which have the values in the extremely important status. Zenker is the person who is kind-hearted, glad to help others, and also the representative as entering into the micro-charity era today. Zenker is the collective name for the good-hearted internet pal, and the special nouns different from the net adviser such as Hacker,Witkey and Sanke etc.

  Zenker network, adhering to the concept of "Micro-charity, Macro-deed" , calling out sincerity and mutual help, harmony-creating and free help-giving, with the belif of “micro-strength can also be well used”, has carried out a series of public welfare activities over the years to provide one -by- one help to many poor and sick students from Chongqing, Sichuan , Yunnan, Shandong provinces and so on, which have produced a wide range of social influence. Every year we carry out the " Zenker Tour Westward " of public welfare travel activities that has a large number of users of the positive response. By May 2014,we has organized public welfare self-driving travel activities such as “Tour Westward, Entering into Shaotong " Tour Westward, Entering into Deqin "," Tour Westward, Entering into Zhongxian”, “Tour Westward, Entering into Liangshan”,  Tour Westward, Entering into Xuebaoding”etc. We also, with the Chongqing financial industry, carried out "Dream for the future, Financial counterparts" and many other student aid activities.They have been highly recognized for their social values.

  Zenker network, with one of the goal to minister on the health of teenagers, is devoted to teenagers’s education for all-around development. Our international Teenager Student Exchange Charity Program arms at promoting the civil exchange between Chinese students and foreign students, which will also create the top one network mutual aid community in China and provide the platform for charity goods online sales. The zenker community includes the open community and private one which is relatively private for social group. The individual community need be logined in by identifying code and provides the network social platform for the acquainted and congenial friends.

  Zenker network can also provide the solution to teenagers holiday camp activities and own international children summer and winter camp base.

  In 2017, based on big data technology, we have launched the International Teenager Student Exchange Charity Program ,which would promote the folk communication between Chinese students and foreign students. These students can live and study in the exchanged family and experience the original nationality culture at a lower cost.

  Zenker network can also be showed as m.51zeng.com on the mobile-phone, and have the Wechat public number named “Zenker” in order to service the net pal more conveniently. In 2017, we have released the Zenker APP and the english website “en.51zeng.com”.

  Who is Zenker?

  Zenker is the person who is kind-hearted and glad to help others,and the representative as entering into the micro-charity era today.

  Zenker’s Spirits 

  Kindheartedness, Help-distress, Good Samaritan

  Zenker’s Purpose

  The love, cargo and material resources should be used to the best advantage. 

  Zenker’s Theory

  Sincerely mutual Aid, Established Harmony

  Micro-strength can also be used.

  Fullfill citizen responsibility, Promote help without reward

  Zenker’s Vision

  Everyone is a philanthropist!

  Zenker’s Mission

  Carry forward virtue of the Chinese nation,Assemble kindheartedness,Propagate t love seeds

  Zenker’s Slogan

  Zenker Network, the Land of Micro-charity!


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