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Journey for Dreams on Colorful Summer -- Zenker Children Growth Summer Camp of Dingshan Lake 2018

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On August 16, with the bus driving away from camp base of Dingshan Lake, the lasting six-phase Zenker Children Growth Summer Camp of Dingshan Lake 2018 came into perfect end. It was continued that combined nature and culture last year in this summer camp, which is very popular among parents and children, with more than 100 children participating.

In the each short period of 7 days and 6 nights, we chased the sun and mountain wind together, smell the sunshine and the taste of nature; we looked for the squirrels leaping in the mountains and the white cranes strolling in the fields, gazed at the endless mountains in the distance and like clouds as marshmallow, and captured the clouds with your eyes; We together overlooked the sun under the afterglow, explored the mystery of the sky and stars, and recited the great poetry and ancient wisdom of the ancients; we laughed and played together, harvested the most beautiful childhood gifts.

The Idea of Zenker

The idea that let each kid have due respect and growth is chased sincerely by Zenker for many years.

Therefore , we focus on the physical fitness and health,introducing the military boxing and basketball training with physical practice into summer camp which can not only keep the children fit but also be their one skill.

Therefore,we pay attention to the children 's etiquette and academics, and constantly teach children to practice camp's oath "help others anywhere at anytime and try to be a honesty ,upright ,kind and brave person ." on the first day of the camp,we thought them to clean up the room and learn how to stand and sit,and learn polite languages; instruct the children  to feel ancients’ etiquette like Filial Duty, Loyalty, Honor, Righteousness and Integrity in the drama with ancient costume.  

Therefore , we pay attention to children’s nature and the release of innocence, carrying out many activities such as tree climbing, hiking, Scarborough fair, human CS, fishing, boating, jungle crossing as well as having a picnic ,which totally loved by children.They were educated by lively activities. In addition, they made lots of friends, expanded their horizon and enriched their knowledge.

Children's Gift

We firmly believe that the greatest pursuit for Zenker is children’s happiness and authentic experience. It is the best present we can give them at their age. For many of those children in the Dingshan lake summer camp, it's the first time for them to climb trees, hike, go fishing, go for a picnic, wear the Han-style clothes, play a drama and learn to be independent etc. it's even a precious experience in their life. It is our hope that they could have fun, meanwhile, they try their best to get the nutrients from the nature and humanity history to forge themselves as a man loving nature and life, being independent and embracing the ideal.

High Praise of Parents

During the summer camp, we received a great number of glowing praise from the parents, expressing their gratitude for Zenker and having a common understanding and a tacit understanding to joyfully see the growth of their children  .

Thanks teachers. What the children have gained in the summer camp would be the valuable treasure in their lives. They spent a meaningful holiday .

Thanks teachers for children having fulfilling and meaningful holiday in the camp . So excited to see them to be independent.

Thanks all the teachers. When they got home they said the summer camp was so interesting and the 7- day summer camp was too short.they were unwilling to go back. We are so grateful for the teachers’ hard work.

Farewell, Dingshan lake in midsummer of 2018. Carrying yesterday’s joy, laughter and the most beautiful memories of childhood. we sai goodbye to the familiar mountains and rivers, plants and trees, and each dear pal we got to know here It is hoped that years later we still can vaguely remember the summer, the bright sunshine in Dingshan lake and the companions playing together as well as the laughers echoed in the ears. Like the poets running with the dream, We pray that the children embrace the nature and the ideal, regain the glory of our ancestors,  always follow your heart and move forward firmly.

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