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2018 Zenker Children’s Choir Christmas Performance Documentary

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Teresa Catholic Church of Jiangbei, Chongqing, is originally an old church built in 1855(the fifth year of Xianfeng in Qing dynasty ),which was enlarged as it is and integrally moved here for the need of construction of Jiangbeizui district. For its combination of Chinese and western architectural styles, the church becomes one of the most distinctive church in the country.

On the Christmas eve of 2018, Zenker Children’s Choir would perform as angels in Teresa Catholic church of Jiangbei ,which was the first Christmas performance since the choir was found.


The legendary manger where Jesus was born was built for the church's Christmas Eve service, where the priest would lead the congregation in singing and praying.

Take a cool group photo Before the performance. Is not a kind of gradually-thicker western Christmas atmosphere with the surrounding scenery?

As the saying goes, "Food and fodder should go ahead of troops and horses." Before the performance a bowl of festive Christmas noodle had been eaten, just for our belly !


The magnificent church was already filled with the Faithful participating in the Christmas Eve activities.

Curiosity is the innate quality of every child. "little angels" showed a strong interest in watching  for the religious ceremony on the stage.

The choir Christmas parade

Children in the role of "little angel", followed the Faithful to participate in the Christmas parade around the church. Children with Christmas hat and in white uniform was particularly conspicuous in the shadow of the light, as the dancing elves at night.

The priest led the congregation to sing and pray in front of the manger where Jesus was born.


The little angels sang Christmas Eve on the stage at the end of the event. Under the magnificent dome, slightly childish and loud and clear child chorus is very penetrating, with singing back and forth in the hall, quite lingering.

The night was gathering after the performance. "Little angels" Lingered around the performance just now. On the way out of the church,they danced around, had endless words and told endless fun. At the moment, standing quietly and calmly beside Teresa church, the Gospel church of the Christian church, Jiangbei,Chongqing was extremely charming in the shine of the light, crazy at the moment of the night and drunk at this moment of the scene.

“Silent night!Holy night !All is calm,all is bright!Round young virgin mother and child !Holy Infant,so tender and mild,Sleep in heavenly peace,Sleep in heavenly peace.” Good night, the loveliest little angels!

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