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Study Tour in Lugu Lake and Explore the Secrets of Daughter Country -- The Natural and Cultural Tour of 2019 Zenker Summer Camp

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 Study Tour in Lugu Lake and Explore the Secrets of Daughter Country

The Natural and Cultural Tour of 2019 Zenker Summer Camp, founded in 2011, first initiates the name of Zenker to promote Zenker culture and the spirits of “Being Goodness, Reducing Distress, Being Helpful ”,which have the value in the extremely important status.

Since its establishment, has taken helping the healthy growth of children as one of its public welfare goals, has carried out a series of public welfare charity activities, and has produced a wide range of social influence. At the same time, we also provide solutions for children and teenagers' holiday collective activities. In 2017 and 2018, our summer camps and winter camps for children have been highly recognized by parents, leaving nearly 500 children's footprints in Dingshan Lake, Mount Emei, Jianshui of Yunnan  and Yuanyang Terrace. 2019 Zenker Summer Camp will launch again! We will go into the Lugu Lake this time to start a natural and cultural tour.

Lugu Lake - the tears of God
Lugu Lake, located at the junction of Sichuan Province and Yunnan Province, having a lake area of 50.1 square kilometers, is the highest lake in Yunnan province (2690 m above sea level) and the third deepest water lake in China, the water of which is clear and blue, with unparalleled water quality and maximum transparency up to 12 meters. Surrounding the Lugu Lake, there are mainly the Mosuo, Yi and Pumi nationality inhabited. The beautiful natural environment and unique ethnic customs, make it a heavenly place. It is now "Mother Lake" in the heart of the Mosuo nationality with still keeping traditional matriarchal society, and the dreamland of countless travelers, known as the " a drop of tears by God". Lugu Lake, without burning sun in summer, having large temperature difference day and night and cool weather, is a world-class summer resort.

  Overview of the Zenker Summer Camp
Zenker Summer Camp Base of Lugu Lake is located in the side of Sichuan Caohai in Lugu Lake, surrounded by mountains, with islands standing in the lake, picturesque one-meter high green reed. The Mosuo girl sings the folk song, slowly paddles the boat to enter the deep place of Caohai, ditches a waterway in the water grass, startles a flock of gulls and herons. Summer is the most beautiful season in Lugu Lake, with the colorful galsang flowers shaking in the wind on the shore and plain willow catkins in the water formed the beautiful contrast. This scene will become the children's life memories.

Real scene shooting in the camp yard

Real scene shooting in front of camp door


Seven days and six nights, many fun activities


 Activity Features

☑ Rowing pig-trough boat on the lake, ascending Gemu Goddess Mountain

The pig-trough boat,known as dugout canoe, also as “Rigu” in Mosuo language, is a transportation tool passed down from generation to generation by Mosuo people. The children will take the boat and reach the island,then cross the Lugu Lake. Gemu Goddess Mountain, 3770m above sea level, is the highest mountain around the Lugu Lake. Gemu means white goddess who is the embodiment of Gemu Goddess in the legend of Mosuo nationality and special as unity between man and nature.


 Walking along the Caohai to do scientific investigation and paint, wetland live CS

Caohai enjoys the reputation of "Highland Aquatic Plant Exhibition Hall" and " Grand View Garden for Rare Water Bird". Walking on the Caohai, the teacher will lead to investigate plants, explain the more than 20 river systems flowing into and out of Lugu Lake, and write the environmental protection research report. The painter will instruct the painting of watercolor. In addition, playing CS in one-person high reeds, or rushed left and right, or crawling to hide, will let you have stimulation and excitement of jungle field.



 Explore the Mosuo culture, visit the Mosuo native family

Visit the Mosuo culture museum, and make group visits to the Mosuo native families. Listen to old amah's stories in the Mosuo Grandmother Hall, learn to sing Mosuo folk songs from the Mosuo intangible cultural inheritor, and participate in the Guozhuang evening party.


The photo of President Zhou of and Xiao Shumin, the last Princess of Lugu Lake and now passed away



☑ Ride around the lake and embrace Lugu Lake
Cycling around the lake is the best way to get close to Lugu Lake, to let children get close to nature, challenge themselves, and cultivate children's good moral character of tenacity and bravery. Flying between the lake and the mountains, chasing the sun and the wind, everything seems to be the poem and the distance in the heart. We provide security vehicles, medical personnel, camera personnel, cycling leaders, security personnel and teachers all the way.


 Have mysterious bay picnic, pick up colorful pieces of stone
Have a picnic in the most beautiful bay of Lugu Lake. Enjoy the tranquility away from the world by watching the blue lake light and the rugged mountain rocks. Pick up the golden color and texture picturesque fine stone pieces comparable with "Yuhua stone" of Nanjing.


  Fish in the lake , enjoy fishing experience life
Lugu Lake is rich in silver carp, croaker, grass carp, carp, silver carp, etc. Mosuo people often take a unique "pig-trough boat" to fishing in the lake, and then store fish through marinating, drying and other methods. In the early morning, the children go out to cast nets together with Mosuo fishermen, and enjoy their catch at lunch.



☑  Care match and make friends with Mosuo and Yi children
In 2011 and 2012, the care caravan arrived at Shannan Primary School in Lugu Lake for two times to donate clothes, books and school supplies for minority students. In this time, we will lead small Zenkers to pair up with Mosuo and Yi children from Shannan Primary School in Lugu Lake, exchange gifts and play interactive games.

(In 2011, a photo of President Zhou of and the Headteacher Wu of Shannan Primary School in Lugu Lake )

☑  Gourmet feast, exclusive delicacies from mountain and lake 
The Lugu Lake Zenker Summer Camp is not only a natural and cultural feast, but also a gourmet feast. A professional chef prepared braised chicken with fresh tricholoma matsutake and Fried small silvery fish from Lugu Lake for children, as well as roast suckling pig and pork meat, fat but not greasy (it is for free range, and Tibetan fragrant pig grows up by eating the aquatic grass near Lugu Lake).

Eat the braised chicken with fresh tricholoma matsutake

 Braid Mosuo hair

On the last day of camp life, the old Mosuo Amah will give the girls braid colorful pigtails, bringing a surprise to their Mom and Dad!


☑  Team having rich experience
Principal zhou, who is the leader of, once has been Lugu Lake for nine times. He is very familiar with the mountains and rivers here and has forged a deep friendship with local Mosuo villagers. The summer camp team is led by our senior leading teachers.


D1 Arrive at the Lugu Lake Camp Base and play ice-breaking games

Noon: meeting at 12:30 in Chongqing Jiangbei Airport
Afternoon: taking the airplane to fly to Lugu Lake at 13:55, arrive at Lugu Lake airport at 16:00, arrive at the Lugu Lake camp to have dinner,arrange room, put the luggage, get uniforms at 18:00.
Evening: playing a variety of fun ice-breaking games to break the strangeness, and doing team- building

D2 Taking lake tour and landing on the island

Morning: take pig-trough boat tour in Lugu Lake, Luowa -- Princess Island -- Liwubi Island -- Yunnan Daluoshui Wharf, sing folk songs in the most beautiful lake and mountain scenery, and cross from Sichuan to Yunnan.
Afternoon: visit Daluoshui and Lige island, walk into the ancient Mosuo village, and enjoy the feeling of "People Wandering in the Painting".
Evening: watch the Mosuo evening party in Guozhuang and experience the night full of ethnic customs.

D3 cycle around the lake,explore the mysterious stars

All day: cycling around the lake is the best way to get close to Lugu Lake with countless scenery, not only the scenery but more challenge. We organized children to ride around Dianchi Lake on the National Day of 2018. In this cycling around Lugu Lake, we will choose the least difficult and the most beautiful part for the journey.
Night: view the sky in astronomical telescope, explore the mysterious universe. Teachers take you to travel in space, to understand the mysterious black holes, terrible pulsars, as well as the mysterious phenomena in the universe.

D4 Care match and make friends with Mosuo and Yi children

The real scene in Shannan Primary School in Lugu Lake in 2012


Morning: making friends with local Mosuo and Yi students at Lugu Lake ethnic primary school, exchange gifts and play interactive games.
Afternoon: learn archery skills together with minority students, and then go to Mosuo native families to experience unique folk customs.
Evening: learn local folk songs from Mosuo intangible cultural inheritors.


D5  Enjoy the scenery in Gemu Goddess Mountain and have a picnic outdoors


Full day: take the ropeway, travel between the lake-light mountain color and the floating cloud, overlooks the big beautiful mountains and rivers, ascend the Gemu Goddess Mountain on foot, enjoy the panoramic view of Lugu Lake in the "holy mountain top" of Mosuo people, and carry out the jungle treasure-hunt game.
Noon: have a picnic outdoors and enjoy food and beauty on Mount Goddess.
Evening: write notes on Lugu Lake under the guidance of professional teachers. Each student's notes will be permanently displayed on the guest website.

D6  walking along Caohai, live CS, pick up colorful stone pieces

Full day: hiking on Caohai, wetland live CS, watercolor painting, environmental protection scientific examination, teacher led the investigation and explained the inflow and outflow of more than 20 river systems of Lugu Lake, observe the unique plant species of Lugu Lake. In the mysterious bay, pick up the golden color, texture picturesque fine stone comparable to Nanjing "Yuhua Stone" .

Noon: have a picnic outdoors
Evening: the teacher commented on the students' watercolor paintings and instructed the students to write the environmental protection research report of Lugu Lake.


D7  Fish in the lake, visit the Mosuo museum

Morning: go to the lake to fish with Mosuo fishermen, take a boat between the blue sky, white clouds, blue water and smoky waves, return with a full harvest, visit the Mosuo history museum, and read the history of the Mosuo people carefully.
Afternoon : start your return journey at 14:00 PM, take flight at 17:00 at Lugu Lake Airport, and expect to arrive at Chongqing Jiangbei Airport at 19:00 PM.
Note: the above schedule will be slightly adjusted according to the weather and site conditions.



1.Activity Time

Two summer camps totally, each for 7 days and 6 nights

☑ July 19-25

☑ August 2-8


Registration Deadline: June 102019

2.Activity object

No more than 30 children for each camp (aged 6-16)

3.Registration and fee information
7 days and 6 nights, super-rich activities
RMB4988 /person (aged 6-12, excluding 12 years old)
RMB5988 /person (aged 12 or above)

Note: the airfare is full fare when aged 12 or above

Fee included
The above fees only include food, accommodation and transportation (including round-trip tickets from Chongqing to Lugu Lake Airport), travel, scenic spot tickets, accident insurance, camp clothes and other fees between the children arriving at the pick-up point (Chongqing Jiangbei Airport) and the drop-off point (Chongqing Jiangbei Airport).

Fee not included 
• Medical expenses incurred during the study tour.
• For non-force majeure (unless the hospital proves that the child is not eligible), the registration fee will not be refunded (but it is transferable and the ticket refunding and change fee will be borne by the applicant).


4. Preferential policy for sign-up
1. Reduce 100 yuan to old members of Zenker Summer Camp and Winter Camp
2. Invite new camper to join (one is an old camper, the other is a new camper).Reduce 100 yuan to two people in the same trip; Reduce 150 yuan to more than three people in the same trip.
3. For those who sign up before May 10, 2019, a 500ml water-to-go filter water cup imported from the UK will be given as a gift (the cup used by the British explorer Ash Dykes, and also used by Beckham, can be taken directly from the river's lake water to filter and drink, which can not only filter heavy metals, but also sterilize), and it’s worth 268 yuan.
4. For parents who have successfully registered, they can leave a message at the end of the article.

Collect 50 likes or above, who can be given one imported AromaStick from the Switzerland (worth 68 yuan) ;
Collect 100 "likes" or above and who can be given one pair of uv-proof sunglasses imported from the United States (worth 158 yuan);
Collect 200 "likes" or above and who can be given a 500ml water-to-go filter water cup imported from the UK (worth 268 yuan)
5. The above four offers can be used together if all the conditions above met.

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