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The Zenker Spirits [ China ]
Country China
Publish Time: 2023-11-09 04:31:25

When I was walking last night, a student asked me what my values were. Suddenly Im a little bit confused. Indeed, I have not considered this issue for a long time. People's values may be slightly different in different periods, but the fundamental things will not change, and they have been fixed in adulthood. Just as you are the same as you were when I first knew you, essentially unchanged. At this point, we have something in common, we all value justice over profit, when fame and righteousness cannot be both, we will certainly give up fame and profit and take righteousness. This is my values: be an righteous, kind, honest, brave person, adhere to the spirit of independence and freedom,poverty good for itself, while attainment good for the world at the same time. love the country and family, do not do evil, do not favor the powerful, succeed and help others, pursue the realization of self-worth under the premise of benefiting the society and mankind.

This reminds me of many years ago, on the side of Dingshan Lake, on the side of Lugu Lake, on the shore of Dianchi Lake, on the side of Emei Mountain, in Jianshui of Yunnan, in Zihuai Forest of Guizhou, and in Yanhe Town of Chengkou, I led a group of children with three fingers out to make a promise: "I swear that I will always adhere to the Zenker spirit of kindness, honesty, courage and integrity, and help others anytime and anywhere." Now, these children have gone to college, and the Zenker spirit of helping the poor, doing good, and helping others has also been written into the genes of some children, and has become a part of their values. This is the biggest prize of my life.

In the spring of 2023, I happened to talk about the ideal life with my son who was a senior grade one. When he learned Zhang Zai's article in the Northern Song Dynasty, he said that his ideal after growing up was: "To ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth,To secure life and fortune for the populace. To carry on lost teachings of ancient sages.To build peace for posterity." Hearing this, as an elder Im both happy and worried. What am I happy about is that the children life article opens with a good idea, the pattern is large enough, What am I worry about is whether he will not change his mind. If he sticks to his original heart, the road of his life will be extremely difficult, full of thorns, and even stormy waves. Otherwise it is not enough to achieve the ideal. But anyway, the road is their own choice, even if the fire burns, but also Nirvana is embraced bravely.

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