2023 Salute to the White Angel—Pay It Foraward Public Welfare Activity Successfully Concluded

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2023 Salute to the White AngelPay It Foraward public welfare activities started on December 26, 2022, and ended successfully on January 9, 2023. A total of 30 primary and secondary school students from all over the country wrote cards, which were sent by Zengker netizens with New Year love flowers to the frontline anti-epidemic medical workers in Chongqing, Sichuan, Shanghai and other places, bringing New Year greetings to them and making them feel warm in this cold winter. An old medical expert said: "Mutual gratitude, making it through, willing to guard for you." The love of children swept away a tiring day's work for medical workers and boosted their motivation to fight the virus during the peak of the novel coronavirus.

There is a kind of touching called mutual help. The spread of love and the light of humanity in this winter let us warm each other, help each other. There is no winter that is insurmountable, no spring that will not come. There are no angels falling from the sky, only mortals stepping forward. These innocent and simple children with boundless love, they are also the angels of medical workers.

No difficulty can overwhelm the Chinese nation. There is a reply from a Shanghai medical worker: "Laugh as much as you breathe. Love as long as you live."

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