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On the morning of March 30, 2024, 30 life saving volunteers gathered from all directions to the gift giving website located on Beibin 2nd Road in Jiangbei District, Chongqing, to participate in the "Love and Life Not to be let down" CPR and AED emergency public welfare training activities. Some of them are high school students, some are university teachers, some are white-collar workers in the company, sacrificing their rest time to study during the blooming spring flowers, just for a common goal - to protect life.

The golden rescue time for cardiac arrest is only 4 minutes, and it is almost impossible to provide first aid when an ambulance arrives. During the waiting period, the patient may have already died. Similar tragedies happen repeatedly around us. Not long ago, famous actress Zhou Haimei passed away at her home in Beijing. If there had been someone around her at that time who knew first aid knowledge, she might still be alive today.

Each of us doesn't know when the accident will come. Perhaps the next time you encounter a dangerous situation, it may be your classmates, teachers, neighbors, colleagues, or friends, or strangers you have never met, but you happen to be nearby and happen to be a volunteer trained in cardiac emergency. So, you can save a fresh life.

In China, 545000 people die suddenly due to cardiac arrest each year, of which 93% die without emergency treatment. Having an additional qualified emergency volunteer in daily life will bring more hope to those with sudden heart attacks.

Yang Yang, a senior training instructor from the Chongqing Red Cross Society, arrived at the scene and introduced the procedures and steps of cardiac emergency in a simple and easy manner. She also introduced the use of AED defibrillation equipment and taught heart compression techniques hand in hand. All students passed the on-site test.

Those who love to leave love to return, and those who love to return are blessed! May the small flowers of love bloom all over the land of China, and may the tree of life remain evergreen. Special thanks to the 8 high school students who participated in this event. Your participation has made people feel the warmth of the post-00s generation.

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