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  Zengke Network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2010,Chongqing,China. We are the first one who have the right to interpret "Zengke" concept and regard the corporate social responsibility as corporate culture by promoting the kindheartedness and help-distress.

  We have ministered on the health of the poor children,since the foundation of Zengke Network Technology. We carried out 4 series of large scale public welfare activities with many Chongqing banks and received extensive social concern.. We aim to provide a 100% transparent online platform for donors.

  We have one SNS Mobile website and will launch ZENGKE APP in English version on 1st,June,2017. Our ultimate goal is to be come the largest network of mutual community on Public welfare around the world.

  2017, based on large data technology, we will Startup the International Teen-ager Student Exchange Charity Program ,which would promote the civil exchange between Chinese students and foreign students.

  We can help students to live and study in their new family where they can experience the original national culture in a lower cost, and the foreign students come to China can also join Zengke Holiday Camp Activities with their new Chinese Classmates and friends.

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